Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Prayer and Praise

Mariana Cocar

We were shocked when we heard that our Missionary friend Mariana Cocar (the wife of the couple we will be serving with in Romania) was taken to the hospital with possible colon cancer.  It seemed to come out of no where.  We had just talked to her last week and she didn't mention anything but having a fever on and off over the last month.  They decided to do surgery within days of her trip to the hospital.  When we chatted with her before her surgery she seemed in very good spirits and was honored that we would share with others the call to prayer.

Her surgery was last Thursday and it was very successful as she said.  I chatted with her yesterday online and she said she was out of ICU and would be at the hospital for a few more days.  I asked her about chemo and other treatments and she said they needed to wait 21 days to find out what treatment will be next.

So would you please join us in praying for our friend Mariana as she recovers from surgery and as the doctors decide what to do next.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

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