Saturday, May 31, 2014

God Is Good! Yard Sale Style!

Joel and I always try to make yard sales a little more exciting by doing fun things like guessing what people will buy, picking an item or two that we are sure no one will buy, or guessing amounts for the day.  It helps the time pass and adds a little extra excitement to sitting and watching the day pass by.  This year our yard sale was different - it was a fundraiser for our trip so instead of pricing all of our things and all the items that were donated to us by other people, we just made everything for sale by donation.  Whatever you think it is worth - we will take!  If you need it please take it, even if it is for free.  I had never thought of doing that until I had talked to another church member who had just recently done the same thing for her daughter's mission trip.  

I spent the day setting up on Wednesday with a few friends and neighbors coming to pre-shop - before night fall we already had 132.00 - we are so excited!  So I decided I would set a big dream goal for our sale of 900.00 - that number came to mind because my friend had earned that amount for her similar sale.  Thursday was not very nice weather-wise but we we still able to bring the total over 300.00. Then Friday we had a beautiful day - though slow when it came to customers, but people filled with great generosity - so we moved into today with 717.00 in sales and less than 200.00 to the big goal.

Saturdays are always slow and we weren't expecting a huge turnout but we were getting steady customers all morning.  Joel would text me the totals as I was working an event.  As we closed out the yard sale and began packing up our boxes we totaled our paper and found we sold drum roll please...... 893.50 - we were thrilled to have such a great success and so close to our big goal.  But then something really cool happened, we had one more car pull up and each of the people in the car bought an item or two and they handed Joel their dollars and started to walk away - they saw one more item and decided they must have it - Joel told them to just take it, but they searched in their pockets and handed him a few quarters and were on their way.... Joel counted the dollars and it came to 5.00 then counted the change and it came to 1.50 - totalling 6.50 which made our yard sale grand total - 900.00 exactly!!!  God is good!  We felt so blessed by all those that donated!  Thank you!

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