Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What's Happening?

March - June, 2015 

It has been a little over a month since our last post and I thought we should update you a little. Actually, there isn't a lot, other than finances, that has changed with the exception of Mariana's health.

Let's talk about Mariana's health first. Mariana went in for surgery to remove a mass. The mass was determined to be malignant and she is now going to be going through 80 days of chemotherapy. This was a concern for Jana and I as we didn't want to impose at a bad time. Mariana's answer was that the ministry in Romania is bigger than Mariana and that it has to go on with or without her. What a great attitude! We are waiting to hear how the chemo works but are praying for God's intervention and healing. 

Financially, our support is progressing. It seemed to start out fast, but in the past few weeks, things have slowed a bit. We do have over one third of what our Global Outreach Committee at the church suggest we have to go. We definately have enought to get us there and back (planefare), :-) so now we are praying for the funds for our three month stay. If you are interested in supporting us financially, our church is collecting all those funds or you could give without the tax decuction online via Go Fund Me

Prayer is the biggest way you could support us and we are gathering names for our army of prayer warriors. If you subscribe to this blog you will get all of our correspondence here or you could let us know you want to be on the list by contacting one of us personally. (Talking to Jana is the best way!! Joel might forget.) 

We will soon be finalizing the team that will meet us in Romanaia in June, 2015. Fund raising for that team begins sometime in September. So far we have a great group of what I call "probablies" who are thinking of going. We are looking forward to working with them. 

 Check back often for more updates.