Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Update - Plane Tickets, Fund Raising, Prayer Card

We are only six months away from our three month trip to Romania!  It is hard to believe, but it will be here before we know it.  We are progressing, thankfully, along in this journey.  Our families fund raising is almost completely done.  We had set out to raise $15,000 by September and we are right around $14,000 with at least $600 pledged for the near future!  This means that Jana and I (and Ella) can focus our fundraising toward the team who will be meeting us in June 2015!  We are really thankful and excited for the response we have had from everyone!  And, we are pleased that we can help the group so it is less work for them.  God is good!

Speaking of raising money for the group, we have a number fund raising events coming up including a "Donation Basis" yard sale, Par 3 Golf Tournament, and a Soup Sale & Lunch.  Also, a dinner theater, coffee sale, and "Tuesdays at Cruiser's Cafe" is included.  I (Joel) am also doing a weight loss fund raiser.  You can see more about that here & here.

Picture by Reflective Light 
Some other exciting news is that our plane tickets have been reserved!  We leave March 19th!!  Thanks to Highpoint Mission 963 travel agency, who have been extremely helpful, this process has been a lot easier and we will each have three bags to check . . . for FREE!  We will be flying out of and into Philadelphia, which is easier and closer than New York.  God is good!

We are also thankful to Nicole at Reflective Light Photography for taking family pics for us to use as a prayer card. We are hoping to get these out as soon as possible.

If you are interested in getting us to our goal financially, you could send a check (Romania Trip in the memo) to the church, RMC, 167 Church Street, Richfield, PA  17086 or you could give online (online donations are NOT tax deductible) at  Also, we are looking for prayer partners.  If you would be willing to pray for us on our journey, please subscribe to this blog AND either comment below or contact us personally.  Again, God is GOOD!