Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mommy's Handiwork

Look!  Mommy is feeling good enough to do this!  Praising God for small steps. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Does Getting Ice Cream Make You a Good Mom?

I am not sure what I should tell you today.  I have so many thoughts going on in my head right now.

Keep praying for Jana as she has now had three steroid treatments.  At first the treatments seemed to help a lot and today, after the third treatment, she still feels somewhat dizzy.  She may have to have the five days instead of just the three.  I know this is taxing on her and therefore has become a bit taxing on me and Ella as well.  Jana is a great mom and I am realizing I am not.  I have done my best with Ella but there is nothing like a mom to "play" with and help.  We (Ella and I) were walking home from church this morning, having to pass the playground, when we saw Ella's friend Patrick!  Her eyes lit up and she asked if we could stay and play!  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  And there she was, playing in the stones in her dress, tights and patent leather shoes!  I didn't care.  She was happy to play with her little friend - the one that didn't show up on Friday.  They had a great time!  And there I stood, in my tie.  While other parents may have kind of looked at me funny, I was able to explain to Ava (Patrick's Grandmother) that I had just come from church.  (I was thanking God that Patrick's Aunt also came today.  She interpreted!!) I am praying that I can possibly invite them all to church sometime.  Making friends who trust you takes time, I know, but I don't have a lot of time.  Please pray for this.

The Rock Church
Talking about church, I was told that today was a small crowd, I think there were about 70 people, including kids, there today.  But, they all seemed to enjoy the service and more importantly love God.  They sing a lot and stand when they pray.  Daniel interpreted for me when I wasn't chasing Ella, who was actually pretty good for a new place and length of service.  There are a lot good people there as far as I can tell and I am looking forward to getting to serve with them.

We are close enough to stuff everything that I can walk (good for my health).  While the mall is about 20 minute walk, it is the farthest walk for us other than the Cocar's home.  I have already been to the local Ice Cream shop twice (none for me, though).  The play ground is about 3 minutes away and the church is about 6 minutes.  There are two convenience stores within 3 minutes and the Romanian version of Aldi's is about 10 - 12 (I haven't walked that yet).

I think I have said enough now.  I hate long posts.  Always leave them wanted more. :)  I will share more about our apartment, price differences, the Mitspa House and so much more this coming week. Thanks again for following and praying for us.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Church at the Rock Thursday

Yesterday I wrote about being able to fellowship together with the Rock Church. This was one of the churches that was planted here in Timisora by Daniel Cocar and others and where Jana and  I will be concentrating most of our ministry while in Romania. They have their midweek service on Thursday evenings as opposed to Wednesday nights like we do in the States. It was nice to be able to greet those who had gathered – very good number in my mind - for the first time. I let them know that I was looking forward to spending more time with them and working with them and the leadership to see how God will "Amaze" us. Here are a couple of pics.
Praise Team

Livio Neagoe, Pastor

Steroids & Communication

So it has been more than a week since we left Richfield to embark on the journey to Romania.  We finally arrived on Tuesday afternoon and, despite some setbacks with Jana's health, are trying to settle in - it has't been easy.

Ella & Patrick
Our apartment is small but functional.  We are on the second floor of an apartment building within walking distance of the church, The Rock Church we will be serving, and a market, playground and banks.  We are also close to a large mall.   Ella has met some kids at the park and has befriended a Romanian boy, Patrick, who is almost three.  They can't talk with each other but seem to communicate well at the same time.

Jana has seen a doctor and today is going for her first Steroid treatment for the vertigo that is believed to be related to her Multiple Sclerosis.  It is her first flare up since before Ella was born.  We are cautiously optimistic that this will be helpful and that she will be able to be back up and running within a week or so!?

I have had limited ability to get started with ministry due to Jana's health but I have met with the Pastor of the Rock and been to the mid-week service.  Tomorrow (Saturday) there is a men's "Club" at the church and I am hoping to meet some more people there.  I was able to share a delicious brownie (Made by Alexia, one of the ECMI missionaries here from France) with the painter and have tried to befriend Patrick and his Grandma from the park.  I am not sure that with language issues and only three months here that I will be able to invite too many people to the church, but I am going to try.

We were hoping to see the Mitspa House this week but that has been put on hold until next week.

I will try to write more soon.  Please pray for Jana as she goes through the treatments, the Rock Church, that we could be useful to them, Patrick/Grandma, that Ella could continue that friendship and that I could communicate.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today's the Day

Over a year and a half ago, Aaron, our pastor, ask Jana and I if we would consider spending some length of time in another country working with missionaries who were supported by our church.  Today is the day we begin to fully realize how that question will change our lives and prayerfully the lives of others.  

Our view from our hotel - The Palace
As I sit in our hotel room at 8:30 AM (3:30 AM Pennsylvania time) and look over at the Hungarian palace waiting for our friends, Daniel & Mariana Cocar to arrive, I can't help to think about how God has worked to get us to this point.  This is actually my third trip to this beautiful city.  Twice before I visited with teams from RMC and Gospel Horn Ministries.  Those visits were valuable for me as I made great contacts that we utilized for this trip.  And, I won't go into all the details, but God has provided finances, a good travel agency, a place to stay while in Romania, a great team coming to meet us in June and so much more! 

The past couple of weeks have been challenging but God continues to provide.  On Sunday at church here we spent time in Psalm 74, which was more confirmation that God is in control.  

Leaving the Word of Life, Hungary Castle
Please continue to pray for us as we move into our "home" for the next three months.  We are looking forward,then to getting into being helpful to the ministry in Timisora.  Please continue to follow us here as we report about our time serving in Romania.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ella . . . In the Beginning.

I want to upload this video again, in HD, but I also wanted to post it before it gets too old. . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

One More Sleep

We learned early in parenthood, the theory of helping children understand the length of time before something exciting is going to happen by counting down the number of sleeps.... Thank you Isaac Ebright for the "sleep method of counting".  Last night it was one more sleep until going to Mim and Papa's house for the afternoon, and two sleeps to Mania trip..... but today it is just one sleep!  I can't believe it is just one day away!  

This morning as I was checking over things I couldn't help but sing that classic John Denver song in my head.... "All our bags are packed and we're ready to go..." "Cause we're leaving on Jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again"  Lord willing we do know our return is June 20th.  

I had my week scheduled so today would be a bit more of a relaxing day.... however, it looks like I will be cleaning out the basement instead.... that's a fun farewell isn't it.  Yesterday our sewer backed up in our basement and now it needs to be cleaned - fun times (insert sarcasm!)  It wasn't our plan for sure, nor was it our plan that our child who has coma type sleeping habits, fell into such a deep sleep yesterday that she had an accident on our neighbors new couch (Sorry Kate and Aaron - thank you for dinner and being so gracious about the accident) and then I realized she had gum in her hair as well.... at least it was just a small section that had to be cut out.   In all this I am reminded that God is still in control.... so glad it happened to us and not to the Seibel's as they will be moving in next week.  
We know God is going to do great things, not because we are willing to go, but because He is God and that is what He does!  Thank you for your prayers and your support!  Our hope to is to blog twice a week as minimum!  Keep back soon for more of our adventures.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Get Out of Here!

Get out of here is our theme for our mission's conference this week.  Get out of the church and tell people about Jesus, whether it is in Richfield or Romania!  Tell people about Jesus.  It seems so appropriate that we would be leaving this week....God's timing is perfect!  Though I must confess, I have not been able to attend any of the evening mission's services this week, as I sit here taking a five minute break from packing, I just need to get things done!  I am a task person for sure so when a task is hanging over my head with an immediate deadline, I must get it done before I can do much else.

As I mentioned at the beginning, God's timing is perfect!  His plan is perfect!  I truly believe that in the midst of a very hard week, that by the world's standards would say that God's timing is anything but perfect.  But I am reminded during this week of grieving, that just because I don't understand his perfect plan, does not by any means mean that it is not perfect.

This Thursday immediately before getting in the van to leave for Philadelphia we will say our final goodbyes and celebrate the life of a dear friend, Kolleen - she was a beautiful woman of God with a hard working husband, and four beautiful kids... it is difficult to wrap your head around this whole thing, but I must trust, and must know that God is still faithful, and unchanging (which is what we have been learning about in our sermon series over the last two months).

I have wrestled with the timing of this whole thing, wondering if it is good to still go, should we wait, but I am sure that this is what we are to do.  I will also be honest to say it was very difficult to be excited about our trip, when my heart was hurting so deeply at this loss as well as at the loss of another wonderfully Godly man who I loved Guy Temple, who also went to be with Jesus during this time.  But I know God is good and he goes before us, he stands behind us, and walks with us!  I am confident in that.

We are excited!  We can't wait to see how God challenges us in our faith to draw close to him during this time.  We can't wait to see how he is changing lives of those in Hungary and Romania.... we can't wait to be part of his perfect plan...... "For such a time as this"  We covet your prayers as we begin this journey as a family.... it is an adventure just like our journey with Christ!

Here is a song that keeps popping into my head as I pack and cross things off my list.  May it encourage you as it does us.