Monday, March 16, 2015

Get Out of Here!

Get out of here is our theme for our mission's conference this week.  Get out of the church and tell people about Jesus, whether it is in Richfield or Romania!  Tell people about Jesus.  It seems so appropriate that we would be leaving this week....God's timing is perfect!  Though I must confess, I have not been able to attend any of the evening mission's services this week, as I sit here taking a five minute break from packing, I just need to get things done!  I am a task person for sure so when a task is hanging over my head with an immediate deadline, I must get it done before I can do much else.

As I mentioned at the beginning, God's timing is perfect!  His plan is perfect!  I truly believe that in the midst of a very hard week, that by the world's standards would say that God's timing is anything but perfect.  But I am reminded during this week of grieving, that just because I don't understand his perfect plan, does not by any means mean that it is not perfect.

This Thursday immediately before getting in the van to leave for Philadelphia we will say our final goodbyes and celebrate the life of a dear friend, Kolleen - she was a beautiful woman of God with a hard working husband, and four beautiful kids... it is difficult to wrap your head around this whole thing, but I must trust, and must know that God is still faithful, and unchanging (which is what we have been learning about in our sermon series over the last two months).

I have wrestled with the timing of this whole thing, wondering if it is good to still go, should we wait, but I am sure that this is what we are to do.  I will also be honest to say it was very difficult to be excited about our trip, when my heart was hurting so deeply at this loss as well as at the loss of another wonderfully Godly man who I loved Guy Temple, who also went to be with Jesus during this time.  But I know God is good and he goes before us, he stands behind us, and walks with us!  I am confident in that.

We are excited!  We can't wait to see how God challenges us in our faith to draw close to him during this time.  We can't wait to see how he is changing lives of those in Hungary and Romania.... we can't wait to be part of his perfect plan...... "For such a time as this"  We covet your prayers as we begin this journey as a family.... it is an adventure just like our journey with Christ!

Here is a song that keeps popping into my head as I pack and cross things off my list.  May it encourage you as it does us.

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