Friday, March 27, 2015

Steroids & Communication

So it has been more than a week since we left Richfield to embark on the journey to Romania.  We finally arrived on Tuesday afternoon and, despite some setbacks with Jana's health, are trying to settle in - it has't been easy.

Ella & Patrick
Our apartment is small but functional.  We are on the second floor of an apartment building within walking distance of the church, The Rock Church we will be serving, and a market, playground and banks.  We are also close to a large mall.   Ella has met some kids at the park and has befriended a Romanian boy, Patrick, who is almost three.  They can't talk with each other but seem to communicate well at the same time.

Jana has seen a doctor and today is going for her first Steroid treatment for the vertigo that is believed to be related to her Multiple Sclerosis.  It is her first flare up since before Ella was born.  We are cautiously optimistic that this will be helpful and that she will be able to be back up and running within a week or so!?

I have had limited ability to get started with ministry due to Jana's health but I have met with the Pastor of the Rock and been to the mid-week service.  Tomorrow (Saturday) there is a men's "Club" at the church and I am hoping to meet some more people there.  I was able to share a delicious brownie (Made by Alexia, one of the ECMI missionaries here from France) with the painter and have tried to befriend Patrick and his Grandma from the park.  I am not sure that with language issues and only three months here that I will be able to invite too many people to the church, but I am going to try.

We were hoping to see the Mitspa House this week but that has been put on hold until next week.

I will try to write more soon.  Please pray for Jana as she goes through the treatments, the Rock Church, that we could be useful to them, Patrick/Grandma, that Ella could continue that friendship and that I could communicate.


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