Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Romanian Easter #5 - The Easter March

Much like the "church" in the United States, the church in Romania does not always agree on things. The Orthodox have their beliefs and traditions, the Catholics theirs, the Pentacostals, and the Evangelicals.... they are all different as they are here.  They don't really ever do things together as a whole.....However several years ago the head priest of the Orthodox church had an idea to work with all the other pastors in the city to have a day of reconciliation.... a day to celebrate what they shared in common.... that was the resurrection of Jesus.

So each year, hundreds of people gather at the steps of the Orthodox church in the center of town for a time of prayer, scripture, music, and a march at the beginning and it ends with a time of music and preaching by the different churches in the Rose Park.  We had the privilege of going to be a part of this event (Ella and Jana, as Joel was with Daniel at a evangelistic crusade).  Though I was not able to understand what was going on, it was so neat to be a part of this celebration, and I was very excited that when the band played, they played Agnus Day, by Michael W. Smith (I get pretty excited when I know songs here, because I can sing them in English).

The March has begun

You can see their signs Hristos A Inviat (Christ is Risen)

After our time at the March,we enjoyed a little time in the down town area, it was filled with people enjoying the holiday as well as the weather..... and for Ella - she loved the birds, the fountain, and the ice cream.

Spring is here, the flowers are beautiful!

Wishing she could jump into the fish fountain

She thinks she is one of them :)

Talking to her pigeon friends, and giving them some bird seeds, she gets her love for birds from her Papa Snyder

Enjoying some raspberry ice cream, thanks Alexia!

Mariana and Alexia - pretending to enjoy their pineapple lemonade 

That face shows her true feelings, bitter not very good!

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