Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Romanian Easter #4 - Hristos A Inviat!

He is Risen - He is Risen indeed!  

Easter Morning is a day of Celebration!  I must admit I was a little tired that morning after staying up the night before to watch the celebration at midnight out our window.... But Ella did not seem tired. We didn't even mention an Easter basket or anything I was still sleeping when all of a sudden I heard... it this for me?  Is this a basket for me... I had hidden it under the desk - I had no idea she would find it while I was still sleeping!  She was excited about the Kinder Eggs (they are chocolate eggs that have little toys inside.... she had gotten her first one from her daddy when we were in Hungary!)

How did she find that??? 
Her Kinder Egg Bunny (Aunt Andrea will be happy to know she got a PEZ too!)

Her pretty Easter hairdo! 
All Dressed and ready for Church
That morning at home we were singing all our songs that we think about for Easter, knowing we probably wouldn't be singing them at church that morning.... Christ the Lord is Risen Today (my favorite) Up from the Grave He Arose (Joel's Favorite) Celebrate Jesus Celebrate (Ella's Favorite), though they didn't sing any of our favorites in the morning - they did Ella's favorite in the evening, and they sang it in English one time (I'd like to think it was just for us).  Joel was able to get a video:

After church we headed to the Cocar's for Easter lunch.... let's just say we ate very well, we had pork and lamb, soup, potatoes, rice, vegetables, and stuffed cabbage.  Of course Ella just kept asking the whole time if we would have an egg hunt.... we assured her she would have one as soon as we were done eating.  They don't have egg hunts in Romania (or in France as Alexia told us).  So it was not only fun for Ella, the others loved her excitement as well.  Here are a few pictures from lunch and the egg hunt.

The Easter Table
Jumping on the dots while waiting for Lunch

I found one!

Ella and Oma (Mariana's Mom)

 Hard to handle.

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