Monday, April 6, 2015

Donkey or Monkey? It's All In the Translation

The Rock Church
Though Joel and Ella have been able to go to church several times prior to this Sunday, it was my first since we left the U.S.  We walked to the church and were greeted in the parking lot by Cosiman (again not sure if that is how you spell it, but it is how you say it)  He was filled with greetings to Joel and our family.  We headed inside and were welcomed by people saying pace (Peace)  As we found our seats several people came to say hello - some who spoke English and some who did not.  I am
learning to smile and nod a lot!  One dear elderly woman came up to Ella and kissed her..... I have no idea what she was saying but she handed Ella a 5 lei bill (about 1.25 in US money) how sweet!  All I could say in response was multumesc  (Thank-you).  The service began and we were surrounded by people to help us understand.... a girl next to me (who I promised not to mention her name) a man next to Joel and a man behind us.

As the service went on the man behind was translating as much as he could, but then the people next to us took over..... this is where the story turns comical.....  We were looking at the passage in Luke about Jesus entering the city..... (it was Palm Sunday here) and as the Pastor was sharing from scripture about Jesus entering the city.... my friend (who I will not mention her name) said.... Jesus was coming into town on a..... how to you say it.... Monkey..... I definitely laughed out loud in church at the thought of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a Monkey.... I leaned over and let her know that the English word was Donkey and we both had a nice laugh.

Ella After Church
It is a strange experience to worship in a new language.... I am sure with a little time we will begin to understand a bit more with each service and also understand some of the biblical key phrases.  We will also learn to pay attention to both the pastor and the translators at the same time.  Joel has said for him it has gotten easier with each time he goes.

We are so grateful for the Rock Church and we are excited to begin working with them to develop a Women's ministry, Youth Group Ministry and Small Group Ministries.  We will keep you posted as we begin this journey.  

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