Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pigeons, Sandwiches and Fasting, Oh My!

Jana & Ella
Downtown Timisora
So Jana has started feeling a bit better the last several days.  It's not that she is doing great, but, good enough to consider going for a walk and car ride to the mall (today) and downtown Timisora (yesterday).  Both days we went to the playground (more on that below) as well.  It has been nice to
Downtown Timisora with the pigeons.
have Jana at the playground to talk to someone.  And yesterday downtown we were able to each eat a Romanian sandwich.  Ella loved being able to run and chase/feed the pigeons.  All of this tires Jana, but it has been good to be able to do things together.

Getting back to the playground.  Today we were able to once again connect with Patrick and at first, his aunt, Christina - who speaks English and then Ava, his grandmother.   We were able to talk a bit with Christina and she and Jana really connected.  She and her husband own a nail salon and Jana could obviously talk more about that than me - another great reason to have her there!  I was impressed with her nails. Together we were able to talk about and invite Patrick to the Bible School this summer.  Please be in prayer for the Bible School in June.  There are a ton of children around this neighborhood but I am told they are involved in the Orthodox Church and the priest here isn't always excited about his parishioners going to other churches.  (That's the case in most, if not all, churches.)  So, we are praying for a good turnout.

Here at the Rock Church, the first three days of each month they fast and pray.  They then get together each evening for corporate prayer.  Today/tonight is the first day/night of the fasting.  I have cut back on what I eat today, but have decided to eat some due to my diabetes.  However, I have spent considerable time in Isaiah 40 and 41 this morning and an extra time of prayer.  I am looking forward to the prayer time tonight.

That's enough for today.  Thanks for your continued prayers.



  1. It's nice to see all three of you in the pictures. Praying for you!

    1. Yes, it is nice to have the family out together! Thanks for your prayers!