Monday, May 4, 2015

Labor Day In May

This past Friday was Labor Day here in Romania.  Many people leave the city for the weekend and head to see family or take vacations to the Black Sea (that sounds like a really cool place to visit, though it is a pretty long trip).  Sometimes the church has a picnic, but this year due to time and schedules that wasn't a possibility so we had a picnic at Mitspa House with Alexia, the Cocars, and a few college aged girls from the church.

Though it was to a be a day off to relax and enjoy.... it ended up being a bit of a work day, and let me tell you - we got a lot of work done.... while also enjoying some great Mici (Mesch as it is pronounced) which is a Romanian sausage they have on special occasions and chicken on the grill with some potatoes and a french cheese that was melted on top, and I was able to introduce them to some good American pasta salad!
Daniel working the grill, I was on Elliot the dog duty - he really wanted some Mici

Chicken and Mici

Enjoying our picnic lunch at Mitspa

After the meal, we were able to work on some details for our team that will be joining us in June.  We also had some time to sit and enjoy some chai (regular tea - not to be confused with our creamy spiced tea).  All in all it was a great day, and it was so fun to spend time with some of our new Romanian friends.  I also taught the girls how to use my camera..... so you may see an album of 100 plus pictures appear on facebook for their benefit.

Mowing the yard.... electric mowers take a bit more time. 

I should have taken a before and after picture - they weeded the whole thing

Da Regina - aka Yes Queen :)

Alexia learning from Oma how to plant a garden

Not sure if Ella was the best helper but she had fun! 

Crawling all over mommy - it's her new favorite pastime

Sammy, Alexia with Elliot the dog, and Yasmina (note - this is not how all their names are spelled but it is how they sound)

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