Friday, June 5, 2015

A Visit to Transylvania

I know the first thought that comes to your mind..... Did you see Dracula?  Haha no we didn't and we didn't make it to his castle because it would have been several hours farther, but we did get to drive a few hours from our home in Timisoara to do some sight seeing in Hunedoara County.  Since a picture is worth 1000 words I will give you a small glimpse of our journey which started at Concul d'Archia and ended with a visit to the Deva Fortress and an interesting drive home.

Our room was the Poppy Room.... each room at the Hotel has a different theme!  I was so excited we were able to get this room because it was my favorite and it had a nice little balcony.

This was our view as we were coming into the city from our hotel.  Up in the left hand corner you will see the Deva Fortress which you will see pictures of towards the end. 

A princessa (Romanian word for princess) and her Castle in Hunedoara

It looks kind of small in this picture - but it was enormous!!!! 

The King's room

A wishing well.... when I asked Ella what she wished for with her American pennies.... she said - I wished for Tucker and my country of Richfield

Cincas Lake..... the former ruler before being overthrown wanted a lake here instead of a village, so he flooded the whole village to make a lake.  They say that when the water level is low you can see the old steeple of the church in the middle of the lake.  

Lunch on the Lake.... beautiful location.... service ummmm yeah....

We drove through a gypsy community on our way to Hateg from Hunedoara... there were tons of houses that looked like this.

Visiting the Monestary.... I didn't think that they might not let me in with shorts and a sleeveless shirt.... it was almost 90 degrees that day.... at the entrance was a pile of shirts and wraps to help make you more modest.... I never really thought of myself as an unmodest person.  

On our way to find the "Romanian Stonehedge" (of which we never found) we did find a true shepherd moving his sheep over to the other side.  

Our view out the window of our hotel.  

Her first ever pony ride - she did so well and did just what he said even though he didn't speak any English.  

Pinky the Pony got to also ride the pony!  

Hanging out with one of the owners... he is the son of the man Ella calls her Romanian PaPa

One happy girl - her Romanian PaPa - the Owner of the hotel came to watch her on her second pony ride that he gifted to her.  She just loved this man!  

If the pool had been warmer we would have been swimming every day!  

Our room as the last one on the right on the second floor.  

Mrs. Szabo - the other owner (PaPa's wife) Was excited she got to meet this little girl that PaPa had been talking about. 
I believe her name was Diane - she is the clothing designer for the clothing line that the Szabos produce.  It is called Pratz I believe.  We were able to tour the factory, shop a little and receive a few items for free as well.  

Deva fountain

Olympic Center at the foot of the Deva Fortress

After an incline ride straight up the mountain - we were able to tour the ruins of the fortess.  

You can see the city down below in the background. You will have to excuse Ella's outfits.... she wanted to wear her outfit that PaPa gave to her over top of the dress she already had on.  

We made it to the top!  

This was just one section of stairs that we climbed to get to the fortress

As you can see from this picture.... the stairs were not in great condition... there were several that were broken with big drops below... let's just say that was pretty scary!  

Ella with the Olympic statue 

The drive home from Deva was very interesting as we didn't have a map or a working GPS so we just followed signs to get us back to Timisoara in hopes that they were trustworthy and once back in the city we could figure out how to get to our apartment.  It was an adventure for sure.  
Sheep and their shepherds

In Hungary it is seen as good luck for your town if a stork builds its nest on one of your poles.  We saw several of these on our way home.  They are huge!  

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