Sunday, June 14, 2015

God's Love in Many Languages!

This is the day that the Lord has made - we will rejoice and be glad in it!!  Yesterday was our day of rest.... A day to join together with our Romanian friends and celebrate our same God.... just in different languages.

Our Team - All Dressed up for Church
During the morning service, we got to see Alina - the little girl living at the Mitspa House - recieve a blessing at the church.  The first half of the service was all in Romanian.... then the second half we were able to share our hearts, and sing for and with them.  It was so neat we tried to pick a few songs that we knew they also sang.... so as we were upfront singing in english, they were in their seats singing in Romanian.... so cool!!!
Alina's Blessing

Joel - sharing about our friends that we will miss in Romania

Colby talking about how good the food and coffee is

Ella singing I love you Lord

Sylvan sharing his testimony

Singing some special music 

Amy sharing her testimony, Andreea translating - PS today is birthday!!!

Colby sharing his testimony - Claudio translating

Sam sharing about how God was encouraging him this morning

Seth and Cassie with Isamy

After church we headed to Mitspa for a Mariana and Oma meal..... it was wonderful as usual.  We enjoyed relaxing in the shade as much as possible since it was almost 95 yesterday.  Then the team went back to the hotel.... and Ella and I went to get our nails done.  It seems weird to say that I got my nails done.... but Ella's first friend Patrick's Aunt Christina who has been helping us set up play dates and translating via text to us is a nail artist and she wanted to do mine and Ella's nails as a gift.... and though she doesn't work on Sundays she knew it was our only free time so she and her husband came in.... Alexia got hers done as well.  Also while we were there - we received one of the most amazing thoughtful gifts.... Christina painted us a small portrait of Ella.... and I later learned it was her first portait she had ever done.... oh my... it made us cry!!!!
The Twins relaxing while waiting for lunch 

Yummy Cakes in honor of Alina's blessing 

My nails hand painted by Christina (Patrick's Aunt)

Christina's portait of Ella to us as a gift

The evening service was similar, the first half was in Romanian - the second we participated in, and Joel did the sermon.  It was an emotional evening as also while we were there Daniel told the church that he would soon be moving on to plant other churches.... there were many tears shed.
Pearl sharing her testimony with Mariana translating

Aaron sharing his testimony

It's a tough job but someone has to do it - you know she is tired when she falls asleep during singing! 

Joel sharing about being Aliens and foreigners
The evening ended with a fun team meeting.... sharing stories from the day and enjoying some Romanian pizza.  Everyone is doing great!  Please pray for us today as we will be hosting day 2 of VBS, and working to seal the building since it is to rain tomorrow.  Also pray for Sam as he is a bit under the weather, and for Kevin who is having some knee problems.  Though both of them have been troopers and pushed through even when not feeling well!
That's not American Pizza.... I think they were surprised

They enjoyed trying all the flavors!

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