Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our Team has Arrived!!!

My favorite quote from yesterday with the team coming when Ella said.... Wow - Seth speaks so much English!  And from a preschooler who has been in a country for 3 months without many people speaking fluent English to her - that was a gift for sure!  

The team arrived yesterday at 6:30pm to the Neon Hotel (pronounced Nay-Own) and were greated by a little girl from the country of Richfield.  Then to their rooms for a little surprise that we put together with a few of our favorite snack foods from Romania.  After that it was off to dinner at the hotel and then the work began..... bless their hearts - they were so tired but pushed through - the construction team went to look at their project and the other group sorted all 12 of the suitcases!  It was crazy and good and tiring.

What a sweet sweet view of our church family!
After a short meeting and prayer we called it a night!  Praying they all slept well and are ready for a great day of serving and loving in Jesus strength!  Our tentative schedule for today is Construction work 9-5 for that part of the team.  VBS flyers and preparations for the other half of the team! Then dinner and passing out flyers again this evening at the parks.

We appreciate your prayers today as our team's going to be very hot this next week - mostly in the low 90s.  We will have more pictures to post each day!  Please share this blog with anyone who may be interested in seeing the teams progress.

Our little princessa greeter

Every one is happy to have finally arrived!
The other cool thing we got to do yesterday was to celebrate Aaron Alderfer's birthday!  I baked cookies for the first time (and the last time) for the occasion - and they turned out pretty good for not having any measuring cups or spoons.  Everyone loves a good monster cookie!  
He is very excited about all the extra attention! 

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