Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Projects Complete!!!

It is with great excitement to say that all our hard work has paid off and we have completed our projects..... The shed/office is complete.... the clothesline, the well cover, the stairs, the table..... great job men!!!  And we have completed our three VBS events, a Youth Group cookout/songfest.... face painting, park visiting!   We just hope that the community here is as blessed as we feel!

Today is our last day....we will be heading into the city to do some sight seeing and to pass out some wordless book bracelets.  But first a few will make a trip to what Joel calls the Amish Mall.  I don't have a lot of time to share right now as I am trying to pack up our apartment before we leave for the city..... so once again.... a picture is worth 1000 words.....

Saying goodbye to Patrick

Digging the hole for the laundry line, wasn't very easy!  It took hours to get through the buried debris 
Putting the finishing touches on the windows

Raking up the hay!

Kate doing what she loves!

Pearl worked so hard she got blisters on her hands

Digging the hole for the trees - it was much easier where I was

Still working on the holes

Everyone hard at work.... Getting Mariana's approval

Setting the post

Watering the Peach tree we planted (I will post more later)

Setting up to pour concrete

Filling Candy Bags for the teens that we forgot to give them... we will do that tonight

We have too much fun in the kitchen

Oh Dorin

Cassie and Iasmina

Denisa and Cosmin

One of the team members donated a bike to Mitspa.... Ella testing it out... it was her first time on a bike 

No caption needed

Picture taking of picture taking!

Looking up songs in English as they sing them in Romanian

This says it all

Oh my....

The Construction Team.... all cleaned up... or as clean as they can get

Once again...oh my!

RMC Romania Team 2015

We have been posing too long

So cool at the end we make a big circle

We sang the doxology to them

And they sang Bind us Together to us

I am guessing there was an airplane.... or Colby is seeing things again :)

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