Friday, June 12, 2015

Work Day 1 - Check!

Our first full day of working is in the books and all I can say is wow!!!!  We are so blessed with an amazing team of people that are just so willing to serve even in the midst of curveballs being thrown at them.  It was a long day, and a hot day..... as the next two days are looking to be hot as well.

The construction team was able to frame out most of the walls and were able to be creative as they looked for supplies that they don't sell in Romania - Joel and Kevin were troopers as they spent several hours in the store looking for the things they need for the storage shed, and looking for someone that speaks English to help them.  Today they will be working on the roof trusses I believe.... though don't hold me to that since they are already off to work for the day.

The VBS team had their share of curveballs yesterday as we had to change the times and dates for several of our VBS and Youth Event Activities, but they didn't bat and eye and were ready to change all 900 flyers of which they passed out over 600 just yesterday.  Though there were a few that rejected the bracelet or the paper as a whole people were very receptive.  Two members from our team paired up with two of the Youth Group kids from Romania and set out to different sections of the neighborhood.

Lunch Time was great to be all together as a team!  After we ate we were able to have "Christmas" for Mitspa!  Moon Shine Camo donated some clothes that we were able to start sharing with Lucky (pronounced Lou-key) we gave Alina her doll, Alexia her cookbook and Mariana her patches of Love Quilt made for her.  It was so fun to see how excited they were.

After dinner some of the team walked back to the parks.... and it was kid central so they were able to pass out a lot of bracelets and flyers and talk to a lot of people.  Thankfully Cosmin (Coz-mean) and Iasmy (yaz-mean-ah) came back to help for the evening!

We closed our evening with stories of the day (including Pearl getting a free bouquet of flowers) finding a man who spoke perfect English at the Hardware store, eating some European chocolate, Eating fresh cherries (yum, and I don't even really like cherries!), learning their first Romanian song (at least the chorus), and being encouraged in the Word by Joel.

We are blessed to be serving!  Thanks for your prayers - Tonight at 6pm our time which is 11am EST we will be kicking off our first night of VBS - we invite you to join us by praying!  Thanks so much! Below is a photo journal of the day.... it is just a few pictures that I had.. we have so many more you will get to enjoy later but for now.... enjoy!

It was peach and striped day for the ladies.... no memo was actually sent. 

Praying for the day! 

Getting our bracelets and flyers ready for delivery!

Andreea one of our friends buzzing apartments until someone answers and she tells them we have a comercial, they buzz us in and we put a flyer in each mailbox.  

Alina getting her baby doll from Ella and Bunni - she was so happy!

Lucky getting her clothes from Moonshine clothing!  

I don't know if I have ever seen her so excited!!! 

Alexia loved her American cookbook - no worries we gave her a one cup measuring to go with it since in France they just weigh all their ingredients.  

Mariana with her Patches of Love Blanket - she was so touched!

It's Christmas Time!!!

Alexia (ECM Missionary from France, Director of Mitspa), Alina

Working Hard Colby, Sylvan, Aaron

Glad they know what they are doing!  Aaron and Sam

Quality Control, Van Driver, Hardware Picker-upper (all around great guy - oh sorry I am biased)

Coming Back from a fun trip to the Park!  Ella loves Colby as you can tell!

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