Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monday - VBS and Construction Fun Day... and hard work day!

It was a full day from start to finish.... but.... we are making progress and our lives will forever be changed by our time here in Romania.... even those who have been here for just a few days are already building great relationships with the people around them.  It is hard not to love the the people that we have gotten to know.  Here are a few pictures from the day.... I am soon off to help with lunch and trying to get packed so I am sorry for the short blog....but remember..... a picture is worth 1000 words..... :)
Prepping for lunch

Alexia setting up the new tables that we got for Mitspa

Making progress (this was at noon yesterday)

Pearl is in her glory - ironing baby clothes

Romanian Noodle Soup made by an American.... not bad for my first time making homemade noodles with Oma

It's June so you have to Strawberry Shortcake.... and we introduced the team to Forest Fruits.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Seth and Cassie!!!

You can make up a caption for this picture

Seth finally getting a chance to work with the men!

A special ball that we gave to the church and Narcis in Memory of Skip Koeber, one of my (Jana's) friends that passed away last week.  

Giving Narcis his birthday gift!

Denisa and Tabita with some of the girls

The bubble committee

Ella is so excited to have Patrick at Bible School

Opening Program

Wrapping up Seth like Lazarus

Making Bags

The Romanians learn all about the joy of the Smore!

Water games for a hot summer evening

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