Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The City Life - Green Market Style

I have been a country girl all my life!  I like small town living.... crowds of people, long lines, and large numbers of cars overwhelm me and as my niece used to say - they nervous me!  So with that being said, living in the city has it's challenges or should I say I have my challenges as I learn "city life", however there are some things about city living that are definately a plus!  The one that I want to tell you about today is The Green Market.

This is why it is called the Green Market

2 Lg Bags of apples $1.75
Flower shop
On almost every corner or intersection you will find little market areas.  We have one that is about 100 yards (91 meters for our Romanian friends that are reading) from our house.  It has 4-5 small
fruit and vegetable stands, a few pastry and bread stands, two small convenient stores (very small), a flower stand, meat stand, cheese stand, and a few places you can get hot food (mostly bread based things).

There are also some things I have never seen before in my life.... an egg machine... seriously - you put in your coins and down comes a pack of 10 eggs.  I haven't tried it yet but it was pretty cool to see.  And it was right next to the goat milk machine..... and around the corner from the cow milk machine.  It's so cool!  Put in coins get some goat milk!  I haven't tried any of the machines yet, but I am just so excited they are there..... can you imagine seeing that at the corner in Richfield?

The Egg Machine! I have to try it at least once!

Goat Milk dispenser - 5 Lei = $1.25

I must say that this is definitely something I am going to miss terribly when we return to rural Pennsylvania living.  Thankfully in the summers there is a fruit and veggie stand that I can walk to, though it is much smaller, I am grateful that it is there.  

The other very cool thing that I am celebrating is that today while Joel was gone with Daniel, Ella and I walked to the market all by ourselves, I used some Romanian words that I know to help me, and we didn't take the stroller.... that may not be a big deal for some but for me.... it was the first time that I have walked anywhere in our neighborhood without having to have something to hold on to..... that is something to celebrate.  I must say that for long walks especially in the heat I will have to pull out my handy cane or the stroller to be my walker, but today on this cool brisk day I can celebrate walking!  What a gift we so often take for granted!

Pomegranites - I wish I had gotten one - they haven't been available since I took the picture.  2.63 per kg

Our latest purchase yesterday!  They are huge and sweet!  Ella was very happy! 

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